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Since 1 May, 5:00am, the north-south track of the affected section between Loreley and Kamp-Bornhofen has been available for train journeys again. According to current forecasts, the route should be open to both tracks again from the morning of 9 May. Most of the diversion ...

Until 12th April applicants were able to place path requests for PaPs on RFC Rhine-Alpine in the Path Coordination System PCS. During the pre-allocation phase we checked all requests, identified conflicts and made decisions about the allocation. All applicants received an information about the results. For applicants...

Our Annual Report 2020 is online!

We are happy to present you a comprehensive overview of our work and progress we achieved in 2020! Corona has been a challenge for all of us, but...

The updated Capacity Bottleneck Analysis 2020 is published on CIP. Get full acces to the report here

The document is divided into several parts to give you a detailed overview about the different bottlenecks along the Corridor, their future development and the view of both the Infrastructure Managers and the Railway Undertakings on the situation.

Part A contains...

From March 2021 RFI will start the fourth phase of the pilot on reflecting plates involving most of the lines of the Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine.

The pilot started in 2017 by RFI, following a request of the Railway Undertakings Advisory Group...

The Rail Freight Corridors, in close cooperation with RNE (Rail Net Europe), are pleased to provide you information on a number of PCS trainings scheduled in early 2021.

Providing flexibility due the increased options of online meetings, several trainings are offered with the same title where the sessions will be equal.

Please pick...

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