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Italy: Northbound railway traffic from the port of Genoa reinstated next week

The Bastioni and Sommergibile lines that run parallel to each other under the collapsed Morandi bridge, are scheduled to reopen on Thursday, 4 October 2018. The restoration involves four tracks for the northbound movement of goods from the port of Genoa and passengers to Acqui/Ovada and Busalla/Arquata via Sampierdarena/Rivarolo. This reinstates railway traffic to the level before the collapse of the Morandi bridge, with some minor changes to the timetables to be determined by RFI in the next few days, as the tracks of the Succursale line are still blocked by debris.

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TPM Report August 2018

The working group Train Performance Management prepares a monthly report about punctuality development on the corridor. The August figures are available on the Customer Information Platform. Please click here. If you need more information about punctuality on RFC Rhine-Alpine, please contact the EEIG office.


Following the collapse of the Morandi highway brigde on August 14th, as far as the international freight traffic along RFC Rhine-Alpine is concerned, RFI gives the following information on the situation....

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TCR update now available

The overview on major works and temporary capacity restrictions for timetable 2019 and 2020 has been updated and is now available in CIP for your Information.

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Satisfaction Survey - Your feedback is very valuable to us!

In September 2018, the annual RFC User Satisfaction Survey will be re-launched.

With this survey, we aim to learn the opinion of our present and future users and the terminals about our products and services with the goal to further improve them for the benefit of international rail freight. This allows you to tell us about the strengths and weaknesses in our performance and also gives you the opportunity to point out areas that need to be improved.

The survey has been conducted annually since 2014 and we have already been able to improve specific areas based on feedback from the respondents.

Since it is very important to us to increase the quality of our products and services, we look forward to receiving your feedback and assure you that it will be greatly appreciated. The higher the level of participation is, the better we will be able to draw reliable conclusions about user satisfaction with the services and products that we offer.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the EEIG office, and you will receive a direct link to the survey questionnaire via email in September.

Minsterial Declaration signed on 23. May 2018

In the frame of the International Tansport Forum (ITF) on 23 May 2018 in Leipzig the Transport Ministers of the countries involved in RFC Rhine-Alpine and North-Sea Mediterranean signed a Ministerial Declaration on international contingency measures. Click here for the familiy foto.

Transport Ministers  emphasize the importance of close collaboration between the countries and the relevant stakeholders in the event of a major incident. They support the ongoing efforts made by the infrastructure managers within the organisational framework of RFC Rhine-Alpine and North Sea-Mediterranean to improve traffic management in the event of disruption and thereby improve the reliability and availability of European rail freight corridors and ist Players.

The Ministerial Declaration can be downloaded here and under downloads/European context on the corridor website

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