Manage rail freight across borders

In the Working Group CBI we deal with Cross Border Issues and Interoperability. It consists of specialists from the different IMs which are familiar with cross border agreements, operational rules and the situation at the border stations.

They support the different bilateral WGs which tackle operational topics at borders and the IMs concerning overall regulations like TSI operations and to harmonise rules and processes to improve seamless traffic through the whole corridor. 

Main tasks for the group are:

  • Analysis and adaptation of cross border agreements
  • Analysis of actual situation at border stations and development of proposals for harmonisation / improvement
  • Integration of requirements from TSI Operations into cross border agreements
  • Impact of ETCS implementation on cross border operations
  • Tackling of operational issues delegated by the PMO to the WG

Concerning all these tasks coordination with other involved stakeholders like RNE WGs, bilateral WGs, TPM WG is essential and mainly ensured by participation of the WG-Leader or delegated members in those groups.

Together with the RFC Rhine-Alpine the National Safety Authorities (NSAs) have compiled the current regulations on the cross-border line sections of RFC Rhine-Alpine for various topics such as safety certification, vehicle authorisation, driver's license, language / language level and tail signal to gain transparency and a basis for further improvements regarding harmonization of law, regulations and directives.

The starting point is the current legal reference at EU and national level. In the second part you will find then the comparison for the respective border crossing.

In case of changes, the overview will be updated.

To the documents (double-click):

Cross-border issues (CBI) overview explanation

Cross-border issues overview


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