Early Cooperation in case of capacity restrictions

Maintenance works (DB Netz AG)

As interested party for international rail freight we stimulate and facilitate early and intensive cooperation of our Infrastructure Managers in the coordination of the planning of works on the infrastructure on the lines of our Corridor.

The aim is to reduce the impact of works to a minimum and to find an alternative train path or an alternative route in case of planned line closures or capacity restrictions so freight traffic can keep running. The TCR (Temporary Capacity Restriction) Coordination is done by experts of planning works and experts of timetabling to manage the impact. TCR Coordination on RFC Rhine - Alpine results in early coordinated plans between neighboring Infrastructure Managers which has a direct benefit for international trains. RFC Rhine – Alpine also publishes on behalf of the Infrastructure Managers:

- Excel overview of the coming up works (as far as known) on the lines of the RFC until 3 years in advance. These overviews are updated in August and in January each year.

- Easy to understand impact sheets for TT 2020 and TT 2021 contain 3 to 5 major works per Infrastructure Manager for the upcoming timetable year including the expected impact + alternatives for international freight

- Easy to understand overviews of maintenance windows on the lines of our Corridor. This overview can help in assessing the possibilities to run (extra) trains after the allocation of the annual timetable.

The Infrastructure Managers of RFC Rhine Alpine participate in a pilot of a new web based tool which gives in one glance an overview of all the planned works on the Corridor lines. We expect to go live with this TCR Tool in 2020.

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