Commitment To Performance and Punctuality Improvement

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Punctuality improvements are a top priority of the Management Board of RFC Rhine-Alpine. RUs and their customers complain about decreasing and low punctuality ad about low reliability, which have negative impact on end customers’ trust.

The goal of Train Performance Management (TPM) on RFC Rhine-Alpine is an international approach to improve the quality of performance and punctuality together with the relevant stakeholders involved in the intermodal transport chain and hence improve customer satisfaction.

The involvement of RUs, intermodal operators and terminals along the transport chain is a key factor for punctuality analyses and improvement measures. Therefore, the Working Group TPM organises dedicated task forces and workshops with the relevant stakeholders on specific points or trains.

Article 19.2 of the EU Regulation 913/2010 requires the Management Board of Corridors to monitor the performance of rail freight services on the freight corridor and publish the results of this monitoring once a year. In order to facilitate data provision for the calculation of the KPIs and the processing of such data, it was decided to develop a common approach and a set of KPIs applicable to all RFCs, while allowing the RFCs to develop and monitor any further individual KPIs as well.


Performance Reports


RFC Rhine-Alpine publishes a Train Performance Report on a monthly basis. The reports show punctuality figures as well as the amount and distribution of delay minutes over a period of 12 months in both directions. Previous reports are available on request.

You can access our Performance Report 2018 here and the July 2019 report here.


Furthermore, we publish two additional reports:

an overview on punctuality development between main points along the RFC lines, including border points. Graph for July is available.

a report about punctuality with different levels of delay thresholds. The July overview is now available.


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