RFC RALP Annual Report 2023


We are delighted to announce the publication of the Annual Report 2023 for the Corridor Rhine-Alpine. The report outlines the challenges we face, and provides detailed information on the steps we are taking along our corridor lines to facilitate a sustainable and seamless international rail freight journey.

The economic condition throughout Europe remained stagnant in 2023. Despite the overall economic influence, lack of capacity on the Corridor lines remains the biggest growth constraint on RFC Rhine-Alpine. Even though steady progress is being made in some sections, the situation will only improve when the largest projects on the Corridor lines are completed.

However, the overall RFC Rhine-Alpine exit punctuality (30min threshold) increased from 48% to 50% in 2023, but a significant decline in the second half of the year was noticed, in part due to the closure of the Gotthard tunnel. Severe weather conditions across the entire Corridor also negatively impacted performance.

Already in 2022, the Executive Board of RFC Rhine-Alpine started a joint dialogue with Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings and Terminals to identify problem areas. Activities to improve quality and performance on RFC Rhine-Alpine were jointly carried out in 2023 by establishing the Quality Core Group, with three projects being selected to be developed further. Presentation of the outcomes of the work of the Quality Core Group is foreseen in 2024.

More information on performance, PaP allocation and infrastructure projects on Corridor lines can be found in Here.




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