Connecting Europe Days 2024


Last week, we had the opportunity to participate in the Connecting Europe Days (TEN-T Days) alongside the RFC Network, an event that gathered nearly 3,200 participants from all EU Member States and neighboring third countries. We extend our thanks to all participants for their engaging exchanges at our Rail Freight Corridor Network exhibition stand, as well as for their contributions to the insightful panels and discussions.

Among many other interactions, on April 4th, we had the privilege of presenting some of the current initiatives aimed at improving the performance of cross-border rail freight traffic, such as Quality Circle Operations (QCOs) on the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, during the "Improving the Performance of Cross-Border Rail Freight Traffic" breakout session. This session was an excellent opportunity to share advancements and discuss strategies for improving rail freight efficiency across borders.


In addition to this, during the European transport meeting Guus de Mol, President of the Management Board EEIG Corridor Rhine – Alpine, shared valuable insights regarding the new North Sea – Rhine – Mediterranean Corridor. The discussions further expanded to cover critical areas such as the reinforcement of TEN-T governance, exploration of future financing models, and the crucial role that European Coordinators play in shaping the landscape of European transportation. These topics resonated well with both the panelists and the audience, fostering a comprehensive dialogue on the future of transportation in Europe.




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