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Multi-corridor view as a new functionality in the Customer Information Platform

The takeover of the Customer Information Platform (CIP) by RailNetEurope (RNE) and its rollout to six participating Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) made it possible for the CIP to become a multi-corridor tool providing harmonised information processes. This included the possibility for users to navigate easily between the information for individual RFCs displayed on the CIP.

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Approval of Network Usage PLan TT 2018 by MoT CH

The Swiss Federal Office of Transport has approved the Network Usage Plan (NUP) for the 2018 timetable prepared by SBB Infrastructure and submitted to us for publication. The NUP consists of nine network diagrams and an explanatory text.
These show the guaranteed minimum number and quality of train paths to be considered for each route and type of traffic. For more information please see:

Update of NSA “Guideline for CCS authorisation on ERTMS corridors” released

The working group of the National Safety Authorities (NSAs) of RFC1 and RFC3 completed an update of the Guideline with recommendations for a harmonised approach regarding the authorisation of on-board control command subsystems (CCS) as a part of the vehicle authorisation.

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TCR update now available

The overview on major works and temporary capacity restrictions for timetable 2017 and 2018 has been updated and is now available under downloads and in CIP for your information.


Principal route to Port of Vlissingen established

On 28th November 2016 the Executive Board has adopted the decision to connect Vlissingen to Corridor Rhine-Alpine by a principal line as required in Annex II of the Regulation (EU) 1316/2013.  

Therefore former connecting lines to Vlissingen have been changed into principal lines and two new line sections have been added. Capacity on these sections will be published for Timetable 2018 and representatives of Port of Vlissingen will be invited to Terminal Advisory Group in 2017.  

The official document including a map showing the Corridor routing in detail is available in the download area under European Context.


Customer Information Platform (CIP) now provides information on infrastructure project and ETCS deployment

The interactive map is the heart of CIP. Further developments and new functionalities are planned to improve the usefulness for our customers. As an additional feature, the information about “Projects” and “ETCS deployment” is now available. Under both categories several sub-elements are available (e. g. Infrastructure, Signalling or ERTMS projects).

To display “Projects” and ETCS deployment information, please select the desired sub-elements in the respective categories of the menu on the left side of the map. For singular display we recommend to disable the information on “corridor lines” in the category “line properties by choosing "none".

CIP is the only source that delivers this type of standardised information on line properties, Projects and ETCS deployment in the railway sector for several infrastructure managers.

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