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ITF Event Leipzig

At this years' ITF event in Leipzig on the 31st of May, RFC Rhine-Alpine organised a side event inviting stakeholders from political side and high level corridor representatives. In a short meeting of 1,5 hours inportant topics have been discussed and important statements have been made to further support the rail freight corridor in its future development.

More Information about ITF can be found on the Event Webpage, as well as photos of the side event. 


Expression of Needs for TT 2019 at RFC RALP

All nine Rail Freight Corridors would like to start a coordinated consultation of all interested applicants, in order to collect your international capacity wishes and needs for the annual timetable 2019. 

We invite you to list your desired international train paths, which should be pre-constructed as detailed as possible from origin to destination, including the parts of your partner companies (where available). Click here to download the apropriate file, and related instructions (Downloads/C-OSS/Expression of Needs). This information will be used by the involved Infrastructure Managers to construct capacity products in a market-oriented way. Upon receiving a completed file, the submitting applicant might be invited to a bilateral exchange for clarification purposes. Please return your filled in file until 1st of August, or liaise directly with the C-OSS Manager of your choice.



Multi-corridor view as a new functionality in the Customer Information Platform

The takeover of the Customer Information Platform (CIP) by RailNetEurope (RNE) and its rollout to six participating Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) made it possible for the CIP to become a multi-corridor tool providing harmonised information processes. This included the possibility for users to navigate easily between the information for individual RFCs displayed on the CIP.

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Approval of Network Usage PLan TT 2018 by MoT CH

The Swiss Federal Office of Transport has approved the Network Usage Plan (NUP) for the 2018 timetable prepared by SBB Infrastructure and submitted to us for publication. The NUP consists of nine network diagrams and an explanatory text.
These show the guaranteed minimum number and quality of train paths to be considered for each route and type of traffic. For more information please see:

Update of NSA “Guideline for CCS authorisation on ERTMS corridors” released

The working group of the National Safety Authorities (NSAs) of RFC1 and RFC3 completed an update of the Guideline with recommendations for a harmonised approach regarding the authorisation of on-board control command subsystems (CCS) as a part of the vehicle authorisation.

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TCR update now available

The overview on major works and temporary capacity restrictions for timetable 2017 and 2018 has been updated and is now available under downloads and in CIP for your information.


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