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RFC Rhine-Alpine’s Reserve Capacity is now published.
Reserve Capacity (RC) is our product for your new recurrent business needs within the running timetable and consists of remaining capacity in the running timetable dedicated to international ad-hoc freight trains on RFC Rhine-Alpine.

For the rest of 2020 and the whole timetable...

On the 24th September 2020, the annual RFC User Satisfaction Survey will be re-launched.

With this survey, we aim to understand better the current opinion of our customers regarding our products and services further. Your feedback will improve them for the benefit of international rail freight.

National differences in Infrastructure Planning lead to difficulties when looking at Capacity Bottlenecks on our Rail Freight Corridor.

In the context of the Ceneri Base Tunnel Opening today, our Management Board Chairman Guus de Mol was invited to the RailFreight Live Talk, which is hosted by every Friday.

Guus de Mol stressed the benefits the tunnel offers for railway undertakings and the economy in the future. When the tunnel opens for regular traffic in December, "it makes it possible to run longer trains with heavier loads" de Mol stated.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cross border traffic volumes dropped strongly.Between March and May 2020 on average 83,5% of the 2019 level of traffic volume could be reached at all Corridor borders. The highest decrease was recorded at the Swiss-Italian border (80,6% of the 2019 level). Numbers on this border ...

RFC Rhine Alpine is piloting the RNE TCR Tool to publish the planned Temporary Capacity Restrictions with Major, High and Medium impacts on the Corridor lines. The tool shows planned TCR with filter functions, map overview and report functions. 
This tool is still under construction and under development and the information is not complete yet, but feedback of future applicant users is highly welcomed. 


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