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Track closure Karlsruhe - Basel due to track lowering in the Rastatt area

On Saturday morning at around 11 am, a serious lowering of tracks happened south of Rastatt in the framework of tunnel construction work.

As a consequence the route Karlsruhe - Basel is completely closed between Rastatt and Baden-Baden. At the moment there is no continuous train traffic between Karlsruhe and Basel on the Rhine-Alpine corridor. For the long distance and regional passenger transport bus services are arranged between Rastatt and Baden-Baden. Freight transport is currently being held north and south of Rastatt. A forecast when the route will be operational again is currently not possible. At present, measures are being taken to stabilise the tunnel lining. It is only after completion of this stabilising work on the tunnel that the area between the tunnel and the railway track and the railway track / superstructure can be restored.

A regional and central task force has been set up. RUs are informed several times per day about the current status of the reconstruction work and next steps for the rail traffic.


The list of temporary capacity restrictions (TCR) along RFC Rhine-Alpine and the TCR overview on border sections have been updated for timetable 2018. In addition TCR Impact Sheets are available for the first time to highlight the impact of some major TCR on freight train operations along the Corridor. Any feedback to the content and lay-out of this new format is welcome. All documents can be downloaded from our Website and the Customer Information Platform.


Satisfaction Survey - Your feedback is very valuable to us!

In September 2017, the annual RFC User Satisfaction Survey will be re-launched.

With this survey, we aim to learn the opinion of our present and future users and the terminals about our products and services with the goal to further improve them for the benefit of international rail freight. This allows you to tell us about the strengths and weaknesses in our performance and also gives you the opportunity to point out areas that need to be improved.

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CEOs of RFC Rhine-Alpine signed MoU

In their meeting on 13 June in Sopron, the CEOs of the partner organisations of RFC Rhine-Alpine signed an MoU for improved cooperation and services on the corridor. The MoU is closely linked to the Sector Statement on boosting international rail freight from May 2016. It focusses on key areas for improvement from the infrastructure management side, e.g. the international path offer, TCR, performance management and ERTMS. It also emphasises the support of the RUs in cross border harmonisation, the importance of transparent ETA along the transport chain and the development of the corridor for 740m trains.

A photo of the meeting can be found here.

ITF Event Leipzig

At this years' ITF event in Leipzig on the 31st of May, RFC Rhine-Alpine organised a side event inviting stakeholders from political side and high level corridor representatives. In a short meeting of 1,5 hours inportant topics have been discussed and important statements have been made to further support the rail freight corridor in its future development.

More Information about ITF can be found on the Event Webpage, as well as photos of the side event. 


Expression of Needs for TT 2019 at RFC RALP

All nine Rail Freight Corridors would like to start a coordinated consultation of all interested applicants, in order to collect your international capacity wishes and needs for the annual timetable 2019. 

We invite you to list your desired international train paths, which should be pre-constructed as detailed as possible from origin to destination, including the parts of your partner companies (where available). Click here to download the apropriate file, and related instructions (Downloads/C-OSS/Expression of Needs). This information will be used by the involved Infrastructure Managers to construct capacity products in a market-oriented way. Upon receiving a completed file, the submitting applicant might be invited to a bilateral exchange for clarification purposes. Please return your filled in file until 1st of August, or liaise directly with the C-OSS Manager of your choice.



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