Updated TCR information are now available for TT 2021, 2022 and partly 2023.

Please find here an Excel list which contains all necessary data about planned works and possessions. The latest update...

This year’s RFC User Satisfaction Survey was redeveloped and followed a complete new approach, to allow for a more detailed and more targeted feedback from customers.
The survey was conducted in autumn 2020, and all customers of our corridor ...

An international disruption has been declared on the Brenner-Bolzano line and the International Contingency Management measures have been activated.


Effective 13 December 2020, the German Railway Noise Mitigation Act (SchlärmschG) will be implemented. Under this legislation, it will no longer be permitted to run or let other parties run noisy freight trains on the German rail network.

The Corridor Rhine-Alpine is happy to publish the updated ERTMS Deployment Plan after the formal approval by the Executive Board.

In December, the Italian Infrastructure Manager RFI has to fully close the Luino pass for eight days.
Due to some critical issues encountered in the post-working checks to complete the PC80 equipment in the Luino-Laveno section, in order not to postpone the activation of the PC80 in the course of 2021, it will be necessary...


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