Due to the derailment of a freight train between Brenner and Steinach (among Gries and St. Jodok) on the evening of 22 December, the line is currently completely closed. Due to the winter weather conditions (frost) and the location of the accident site in an inaccessible area, the repair work is difficult and takes longer than originally forecast. The removal of the accident site and the reconstruction of the line can only be carried out by rail. Work is running 7/24 and the re-construction works of the track (2.500m) and the catenary startetd yesterday and are progressing well.


The list of temporary capacity restrictions (TCR) along RFC Rhine-Alpine and the TCR overview on border sections have been updated for timetable 2018. In addition TCR Impact Sheets are available to highlight the impact of some major TCR on freight train operations along the Corridor. All documents can be downloaded from our Website and the Customer Information Platform.

Results of User Satisfaction Survey 2017 online

To investigate the level of satisfaction of customers with the performance of the corridor, RFC Rhine-Alpine conducts a User Satifsfaction Survey (USS) on annual basis since 2014. The survey is carried out in a coordinated manner by a research company contracted via RailNetEurope (RNE) for all Rail Freight Corridors on basis of a harmonized online questionnaire.

The Results of the User Satisfaction Survey 2017 of Corridor Rhine-Alpine can be downloaded here or are available in CIP.

Reserve Capacity Offer in Timetable 2018 published

The Reserve Capacity Calendar TT 2018 shows the amount of capacity slots available for international freight trains per calendar day and corridor segment within indicated standard running times. For the rest of 2017 and the whole of timetable 2018 a reserve capacity calendar is now downloadable in the download section or click here.

Further Information about Reserve Capacity and instructions how to book it at the C-OSS you can find here.

Joint Press Release of the Executive Board and Management Board

"Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine welcomes 2nd October reopening of the railway line Karlsruhe-Basel following Rastatt incident."

Download the joint Press Release published after a specail Executive Board and Management Board Meeting today in Milan-Busto.

Re-opening Rastatt

Rastatt route is open for traffic again since 2nd October. 

The photo shows the first freight train loco Monday morning.


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