RFC Rhine-Alpine CEOs discuss performance management in Leipzig

Yesterday, the CEOs of RFC Rhine-Alpine Infrastructure Managers met in Leipzig to discuss progress made on fostering rail freight and follow up the Memorandum of Understanding agreed on in 2017. The CEOs acknowledged the achievements of RFC Rhine-Alpine during the last years and particularly welcomed the developments on International Contingency Management and the insights gained from RFC Rhine-Alpine Transport Market Study. As punctuality is a key for boosting rail freight, performance was one focus topic during the meeting. The CEOs support the comprehensive process for performance management with relevant stakeholders in the transport chain which RFC Rhine-Alpine initiated. Michail Stahlhut, CEO Hupac Intermodal, who was invited as a guest, emphasized the need to achieve a higher punctuality. Hupac started several activities to make the system more reliable, such as the provision of reserve loco drivers to Railway Undertakings. Initiatives like that are forerunners to a joint approach on sustainably increasing performance on the corridor.


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