RFC RALP Annual Report 2022




We are proud to present you the Annual Report 2022 of the Corridor Rhine-Alpine.

Under the slogan "EUROPE MOVED CLOSER TOGETHER“, you can now read how the RFC Rhine-Alpine sustained a pre-pandemic performance level.


However, the overall economic recovery was slowed down considerably by the war of aggression launched by Russia against Ukraine. This posed new challenges to Infrastructure Managers, harbours, terminals and Railway Undertakings alike, as energy transports became a focus topic on the Corridor lines to ensure macroeconomic stability.

A negative effect of the increase in the number of both freight and passenger trains was a decline in performance. The overall RFC Rhine-Alpine exit punctuality (30 min threshold) decreased from 52 % to 48 % in 2022, despite significant improvements in the second half of the year. Compared to pre-pandemic levels (2019), the punctuality on the Corridor has significantly decreased from 55 % to 48 %. The decrease in performance is a risk to further rail freight growth and capacity usage in the future and therefore must be addressed.

More information on performance, PaP allocation and infrastructure projects on Corridor lines can be found in our Annual Report!






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