Recent progress on Karlsruhe - Basel section

The upgrading and enlargement of the section from Karlsruhe to Basel, part of the European rail freight axis from Rotterdam to Genoa, is progressing well. The section has a total length of 182 km, enabling in the end passenger high speeds of 250 km/h and a better separation of the traffic types. The section faces high functional and external requirements which must be met. The new harmonized European ATP system ETCS will be used. To mitigate and minimize noise and vibrations and to respect environmental aspects innovative trackside technologies will be used.

Especially in the most Southern section, some major milestones were passed in the recent months. In section 9.1 (Northern link Katzenberg tunnel) the new Western track could be put into operation on a new embankment. The work scope for the pre-planning of the 2nd construction phase was tendered in February and finally the contract was concluded in June. In section 9.2 (Weil am Rhein) the German NSA (EBA) officially approved the construction plans. In section 9.3 (Basel) the Swiss partner SBB concluded the construction contract for the 2nd Rhine bridge in Basel.


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