Podcast about the importance of the Corridor

Our Managing Director Dr. Christiane Warnecke and Ulla Kempf, speaker of the Corridor’s Railway Undertakings Advisory Group participated in a podcast about the importance of the Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine.

Christiane Warnecke pointed out that the Corridor has a large importance for the European economy. It aims to provide better infrastructure and ease processes to enlarge the modal share of Rail Freight Traffic. But, despite the international markets connected by cross-border trains, the Railway Infrastructure Managers are often focused on a national level.

Ulla Kempf added that intermodal terminals are a key point for efficient last-mile traffic. Also, the international cooperation is necessary for interoperability, for example to introduce a 4m loading gauge on the whole corridor.

From the perspective of the Swiss Rhine ports, Hans-Peter Hadorn mentioned the importance of multimodality and intermediate points. A better exchange of information is necessary to cooperate between the different modes of transportation.

Christiane Warnecke stressed that infrastructure expansion is crucial because the ongoing growth of traffic volumes will lead to capacity bottlenecks soon. To avoid these and meet the aims of the European Green Deal, investments are needed.

You can hear the podcast in German here:

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