New changeover point for electric power supply systems in operation

An intermediate change to the 1500 volt DC network is no longer necessary. This optimizes operations, saves time and efforts and makes electric traction more attractive for railway companies in comparison to Diesel. Also local residents and environment benefit from such development.
The first track (Zevenaar Oost-Emmerich) was already finished and electrically connected in July. With today's commissioning of the second track (Emmerich-Zevenaar Oost) the construction works have been completed on time.

The background: Until now the electric power supply systems had to be changed twice and the changeover between 1500 volt DC and 15 000 volt AC was located at the station of Emmerich. Freight trains from the Dutch Betuwe route (Rotterdam – to German border) for example had to cross a line with 25,000 volt AC, followed by a section with 1,500 volt DC (general Dutch system) in the border area before entering the German system with 15,000 volt AC in Emmerich.
From today on trains will be able to change their electric power supply systems in an app. 468 meter long electrically neutral section which is located roughly five kilometers in front of the Dutch border.

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