Local service dispatcher has significantly improved the cross-border freight traffic in Aachen West

Since September 2010, a "Cross-border dispatcher" (Grenzknotendisponent) has been improving cross-border traffic on the main axis Belgium Harbours–Ruhrgebiet/Eastern Europe as well as Belgium–Cologne/Southern Europe in Aachen West. His main duties include train control and management, coordination of border crossings as well as dispatching tracks in the service facilities. Moreover, he is the contact person for all railway undertakings and infrastructure managers involved in border traffic.

The client feedback was very positive; therefore the services will be expanded by DB Netz AG. Frank Rossi, head of customer management of the western region concludes: "The capacity management of the service facility in Aachen West has improved significantly by the work of the dispatcher. Among other things, delays caused by handovers at borders decreased considerably."

DB Netz AG will roll-out the pilot project constantly to other service facilities, also enhancing the job requirements of the position; instead of just coordinating the usage of the facilities, DB Netz is heading to manage their facilities. Besides communication and dispatching, the management of vehicles and human resources will be performed. The new job title is "Local service dispatcher" ("Anlagendisponent"). This person will contribute to the flexibility of facilities being subject to intense competition.

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