Leuthard agreed in Rome closer cooperation in several areas

Switzerland and Italy want to work closer together. Until the end of 2013 an infrastructure agreement between the two countries will be signed. Both Federal Councillor, Doris Leuthard, as well as Italy's infrastructure minister Maurizio Lupi want to promote the shift of goods transport from road to rail; they emphasized the strategic importance of Corridor Rotterdam - Genoa at their meeting on Thursday.

They also spoke about the progress in the works of rail nodes at the port of Genoa, so the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure last Friday.

Lupi and Leuthard agreed on a technical meeting on 4 October in Basel, to update the contents of the agreement signed in December 2012 on the topics of infrastructure and rail transport.

A financing plan for infrastructure projects will be submitted to the parliaments of the two countries for ratification.

Swiss money for Italian projects

Among the priority projects is the construction of a connection between Mendrisio- Varese, which is strategic for the World Expo 2015 in Milan, as well as the rail link Busto Arsizio-Gallarate-Luino-Saint Gotthard, which is important mainly for the transport of goods on the axis Genoa Novara Basel.

Federal Councillor Leuthard confirmed the willingness of Switzerland to co-finance the Italian part.

Also the southern, for the four-meter corridor on the Gotthard route planned expansions in Italy have been part of the conversation.

Greater cooperation in electricity

Additionally, Italy and Switzerland want to promote the trade between the two countries even more by a stronger cooperation in the area of electricity. This is the result of a meeting between the Italian Energy Minister Leuthard and Flavio Zanonato in Rome.

Thereby, the advantages for businesses and families were highlighted, which arose from the signing of a memorandum between Italy and Switzerland in cooperating in the energy and gas sector in 2012.

The TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) was also discussed and the entry of the Shah Deniz consortium from Azerbaijan.

Leuthard met Italy's Environment Minister Andrea Orlando last Friday.

Details about their meeting were presented by Leuthard on Friday afternoon at a media conference in Rome.

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