ICM on RFC 1 / Rhine-Alpine - exceptional flood situation in Belgium and Germany


Exceptional flooding on the Infrabel network
Rail traffic is still at a standstill on a dozen lines in Wallonia. No trains are running on the Walloon backbone between Charleroi, Namur, Liège and the border with Germany. Traffic is also at a standstill between Namur and the Luxembourg border. Freight and passenger trains are affected. Infrabel is mobilising reinforcements.

The bad weather has caused considerable damage to the railway infrastructure. At this stage, Infrabel is not yet able to assess the damage and put a precise figure on it. The inventory will only be carried out once the bad weather has stopped. In-depth inspections of the railway infrastructure will be carried out by our agents, who will check the stability of the tracks, bridges, tunnels and aqueducts. For example, bridges near rivers will receive special attention. The piers of bridges, for example, are being checked to ensure that the ground has not given way under the structures.

Infrabel is mobilising work trains and stocks of materials (ballast, rails, sleepers) and components (signalling) to be transported to the locations where repairs are needed. Teams from the regions not or less affected will come as reinforcements. The network operator is calling on contractors to come and help.
Freight trains can no longer run:
- Cross-border between Montzen (BE) and Aachen (D)
- Between Dinant and Bertrix (L166)
- Between Brussels and Namur (L161)
It will take a few more days before the full extent of the damage is known. Infrabel is doing its utmost to work as quickly as possible. According to an initial estimate, the work should take several weeks.
All our customers are regularly informed of this exceptional situation and contacts have already been made with the neighbouring infrastructure managers to determine together the best solutions to restore traffic as soon as possible. (Last updated: yesterday evening)

The RFC 1 line Montzen - Vise has been reopened this morning.

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