Europtirails for terminal operators

The intermodal business segment is one of the main drivers of future rail freight growth. Therefore, Corridor A is interested to develop this segment. By its nature, it is a business model borne by several different players: infrastructure managers, railway undertakings, intermodal operators, terminal operators and forwarders. As in any logistical chain, time matters and information about the status of a transport is cost decisive. To perform the best level of service, quality and convenience for the client, Corridor A together with RNE seek to launch a new service for terminal operators.

Europtirails is a browser based application that enables the tracking and tracing of international trains. Today, the tool is predominantly used by RUs. Corridor A and RNE now intend to customise the tool for the use of terminal operators. A first workshop to collect ideas and requirements has been held at the end of April 2010 in Vienna, at the premises of RNE. The idea is to provide the terminals a reliable source of information for the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the trains about to arrive in a terminal facility. This should help the terminal operators to use their existing capacities and resources in a more efficient way. The approach was very much appreciated by the terminal operators. Being subject to a swift approval of the Management Board of RNE, the works for a pilot run could start mid of this year.


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