Ceneri Base Tunnel Opening - Interview with MB Chairman Guus de Mol

In the context of the Ceneri Base Tunnel Opening today, our Management Board Chairman Guus de Mol was invited to the RailFreight Live Talk, which is hosted by every Friday.

Guus de Mol stressed the benefits the tunnel offers for railway undertakings and the economy in the future. When the tunnel opens for regular traffic in December, "it makes it possible to run longer trains with heavier loads" de Mol stated. The realisation of the New Rail Link through the Alps "makes it cheaper, easier and faster to cross Switzerland".

The infrastructure is slowly improved in all Corridor countries. "The big waiting is for Germany", de Mol says. We see a huge willingness, but processes for construction permits take a long time. De Mol emphasized the mission of Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine as "constantly making pictures of developments and look at missing links" to achieve a shift from road to rail in rail freight traffic across Europe.

As a next milestone, Guus de Mol identified the track and terminal upgrade in the northern Italian area. The aim ist to allow the run of heavier and 740 meters long trains all along the Corridor.

Find the whole episode here. The interview starts at minute 05:44

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