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Re-opening Rastatt

Rastatt route is open for traffic again since 2nd October. 

The photo shows the first freight train loco Monday morning.

Reopening of the "Rheintalbahn" is now scheduled for 2 October

The high efforts in the employment of staff, machinery and material as well as an optimal construction process lead to an acceleration of the reopening of the line section Rastatt - Baden-Baden to 2 October (0:00) instead of 7 October 2017.

In order to jointly organise the restart of through-going operations, DB Netz offers the following communication channels for the involved railway undertaktings (beginning on 18.09.2017):

- a daily conference call
- bilateral discussions

Please contact the Customer Management of DB Netz in case of questions.


Closing of Rastatt - Corridor Rhine - Alpine

(Karlsruhe, August 22, 2017) Deutsche Bahn and the companies of the Rastatt tunnel consortium responsible for construction presented their schedule for restoring service on the Rhine Valley Railway in Karlsruhe today.

After thoroughly reviewing all potential construction methods to secure tunnel construction and repair the section, the consortium and DB agreed that service would be restored by October 7.

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Re Routing on RFC Rhine-Alpine

Please find here a rerouting map of DB Netz for international freight trains running on RFC Rhine-Alpine through Germany.

Further Information can also be found on the DB Netz home page.

Closure Rastatt - Baden-Baden – additional information from DB Netz

According to current forecasts the line closure will take at least until 26.08.2017. Therefore large-scale re-routing of freight trains is necessary. In order to maintain rail freight traffic between Germany, Switzerland and Italy DB Netz AG is in close contact with neighboring infrastructure managers and has compiled an overview of possible diversions. Affected RUs can receive this list - if not already known - from the DB Netz customer service representatives. It contains essential technical and operational details on the diversionary routes. This overview is updated daily. Changes are communicated daily in a telephone conference whose dial-up dates and times are also available from the DB Netz customer service representatives.

Track closure Karlsruhe - Basel due to track lowering in the Rastatt area

On Saturday morning at around 11 am, a serious lowering of tracks happened south of Rastatt in the framework of tunnel construction work.

As a consequence the route Karlsruhe - Basel is completely closed between Rastatt and Baden-Baden. At the moment there is no continuous train traffic between Karlsruhe and Basel on the Rhine-Alpine corridor. For the long distance and regional passenger transport bus services are arranged between Rastatt and Baden-Baden. Freight transport is currently being held north and south of Rastatt. A forecast when the route will be operational again is currently not possible. At present, measures are being taken to stabilise the tunnel lining. It is only after completion of this stabilising work on the tunnel that the area between the tunnel and the railway track and the railway track / superstructure can be restored.

A regional and central task force has been set up. RUs are informed several times per day about the current status of the reconstruction work and next steps for the rail traffic.

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