ERTMS one of the 10 priorities of the sector

The Executive Board and the Management Board of RFC Rhine-Alpine committed to provide support for a harmonised deployment of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) on the lines assigned to the RFC. The RFC aims to identify where and how it can provide added value for this coordination in accordance with national deployment plans. The main responsibility of the RFCs regarding ERTMS is to foster the cooperation between their stakeholders to support the consistency of the deployment along the RFC considering the general objective assigned to the RFCs to ensure interoperability along the corridor. This includes also the needs of an integrated trackside and on-board deployment respecting the future radio technology strategy (Future Railway Mobile Communication system).

ERTMS expert platform

RFC Rhine-Alpine has set up a working group on ERTMS providing an information exchange platform for infrastructure managers on the monitoring resolution of issues encountered during the ERTMS implementation process on RFC’s lines. As a result of the monitoring process RFC RALP publishes regularly ETCS deployment overviews and reports on CIP. Also workshops with stakeholders might be organised. In addition, if critical issues (risks) are identified, the RFC will report directly to ERA or the EU.


ETCS deployment overview

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Please find the actual ETCS deployment overview here.

Further information like an interactive map or actual documents can also be found on CIP.


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