Corridor Information Document

A Corridor is a complex project that follows a new set of rules and procedures. For this reason, the Corridor Information Document (CID) was created to provide all corridor information and to guide all applicants and other interested parties through the working of the Corridor in line with Article 18 of the EU Regulation 913/2010. Together with RailNetEurope (RNE), the Corridors have harmonised the structure and most of the texts to allow an easier access to and understanding of this information.

The CID applies the RNE CID Common Structure so that all applicants can access similar documents along different corridors and in principle, as in the case of the national Network Statements, find the same information at the same place in each one. The CID is divided into four sections to clarify the specificity and independence of the key content of the document and to facilitate the organisation and updating of the information.  

The four sections of the CID are as follows:

  • Section 1 - Generalities;
  • Section 2 - Network Statement Excerpts;
  • Section  3 - Terminal Description;
  • Section  4 - Procedures for Capacity and Traffic Management;

As an Annex to the CID, the Corridors publish an Implementation Plan according to the provision of the EU Regulation 913/2010.

Please find the CID in the Downloads section of this website and on the Customer Information Platform.


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