EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine EWIV
Programme Management Office

Kleyerstr. 25
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 (0) 69 265-4544 1
Fax: +49 (0) 69 265-45442


Should you have any questions about Corridor Rhine-Alpine or about our partners, do not hesitate to send us your query to the above stated E-Mail address.
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One corridor, one network, one single point of contact, one face to the customer

Corridor One-Stop-Shop

Mainzer Landstraße 203
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 265-26771
Mobile: +49 1523-7551461
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Team EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine

President of Corridor Rhine-Alpine:

Guus de Mol
President of the Management Board
EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine


The permanent staff of the EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine is formed by:

Dr. Christiane Warnecke
Managing Director EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine

Claudia Cruciani
Deputy Director EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine

Harald Heusner
Programme Manager EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine

Alessandro Fattorini
Corridor Manager EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine

Lina Berg
Corridor Manager EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine

Programme Infrastructure Managers (PIMs)

Successful management can only be possible with strong partners. The EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine works together with the Infrastructure Managers (IM) of five European countries.

For The Netherlands:

Chantal Jenster

For Belgium:

Gerda Van Den Heede

For Germany:

Martin Cygon (temporary)
DB Netz AG

For Switzerland:

Alexander Paulus

Elmar Baumgartner

Christoph Ruegg
Trasse Schweiz AG

For Italy:

Silvia Carloni

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